Welcome to Animal Jam HQ!


Hey all you Jammers – welcome to Animal Jam HQ!

I am starting this site because I love Animal Jam! Over the coming weeks, I hope to provide a complete guide to everything Animal Jam, including lands, games, cheats and secrets, animals, dens, help, and everything else. Please give me your feedback and post comments, suggestions, fun pictures of your Animal Jam animals, and help make this place Headquarters to everything animal Jam.

Play Wild and Jam On!

By the way, my Animal Jam name is General Chillyjammer – look for me in Jamaa and say hi!

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10 Responses to Welcome to Animal Jam HQ!

  1. justin says:

    hey somebody tried to scam me the1r name had wezzie in it and some numbers

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      Hey Justin – how did they try to scam you? I have heard of people trying to get you to trade items with them and then not sending you an item back. But now that there is an actual trading system built into Animal Jam, this doesn’t seem to happen as much. Have you emailed support at Animal Jam (support@animaljam.com)? If you see the player online again, you can also click on the report a user button inside their player info. Hope this helps!

  2. justin says:

    me justin again and i have seen people being scammed weird i tell them not to belive the scammer but some people dont do it good thing they made trading system now its halloween on animal jam woot woot!!!!!! XD

  3. General ChillyJammer says:

    Hey Justin – you will have to contact animaljam.com directly for any technical support regarding your account. You can reach them at ‘suport@animaljam.com’. Good luck with your new account!

  4. mutnant says:

    Im scammed for A skul helmet

  5. Magical Spiritrose/petluver02 says:

    Hay this is petluver02. Can you please give me an interview I would love that just like I love your blog? Its awesome so can you please give me an interview for it? Please I really need one. I’m a famous member plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  6. mutnant says:

    please HQ can you send a skully?
    You know it huh? a skuly.
    plz send to mutnant

  7. Pissed off says:

    Its not fair. I got scammed today for my HEADRESS! All because of the lion code! I told them a lion code And then my headress. They said it was for a leaf necklace, cuffs and2 other headresses. Her name is tiger678. Please suspend her if you can

  8. willow says:

    send me items please!!! i am FastHorse421

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