Horse Parties!


After creating awesome Wolf Parties a couple weeks back, Animal Jam will now have Horse Parties.

You have to be an Animal Jam member to have a horse – if you have one, come join the party!


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Animal Jam Octopus is here!


The Animal Jam Octopus has arrived!

This is a member only animal that can be used in all the Animal Jam ocean worlds – I love it!!


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Hi Jammers!! I have been sooo soo busy lately..just a quick post:

Parties rock – I love getting together with everybody!

sssssssss – says the snake pet! Awesome!

I finally found a King of the Jungle code – love the Lion!!

more soon!

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Best Dressed – a new costume game!


Just when you thought costumes and Halloween candy was all done for the year, Animal Jam released a new game this week – Best Dressed. This is a really fun multiplayer game where you get to try on all sorts of different clothes and accessories for you animal. When you are finished putting on your costume, you get to vote on who’s is your favorite and win free gems for playing! Check out Best Dressed here.

Jam on!

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Ocean PETS!!


Wow – I haven’t had a chance to update Animal Jam HQ for a while – so busy this month..but I just signed on to Animal Jam and saw that new ocean pets are available!

There’s even a new ocean pet store in Crystal Reef named Flippers ‘N Fins:

Jammers – I would love to see any rare pets – please post some images of your favorites!

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Sea Turtles!


There is a new animal available in Animal Jam – a sea turtle!

Click on the buy new animal and dial the wheel until the turtle comes up..

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King of the Jungle – ROAR!


I finally found the Animal Jam gift cards at Toy R Us the other day that came with a code for a Lion Рwhat an awesome new animal in Animal Jam. King of the Jungle РROAR!!!

Once I typed in the code and received the Lion, I was able to select the Lion in the buy animal page..

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Koni Cove is open!!


Hey Jammers – Animal Jam just released a new ocean area named Koni Cove! Explore the mysterious sunken ship, visit the new shop, and start filling up a new page in your Journey Book.

Checkout the report here:

Jam On!!

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New Animal Jam Codes


Hey Jammers -

Here are two new Animal Jam Codes:

  • FEAST (500 free gems)
  • TREAT (100 free gems)

Here are some older Animal Jam Codes that might still work:

  • explore2012 - 1,000 gems
  • treasure - 1,000 gems
  • festival - 1,000 gems
  • spooky - 1,000 gems
  • croc - 1,000 gems
  • coralreef - 1,000 gems
  • deepsea - 500 gems
  • phantoms - 500 gems

Jam on!

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Journey Books!


New to Animal Jam this week is the National Geographic Journey Book. You can use the Journey Book to search for different plants and animals throughout Jamaa and keep track of the facts you find as well as earn a rare gift for finding them!

Read all about it in the Animal Jam weekly paper here:

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