Enjoying the view from Coral Canyons


Hi Jammers!

I’m getting ready to go on a long camping trip this morning with my family – we’re going into the desert! So I’ve decided to make the Coral Canyons guide before I go. Coral Canyons reminds me of the desert where we are going.

There sure is an an awesome view up at the top of Coral Canyons:

Hope you all have a fun week – I’ll miss Jamaa!


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Oh Great Panda Bear!


Have you been to the museum in Appondale? Inside, there’s a painting or a statue for each type of animal - the Panda statue reminds me of a gentle warrior – I fell asleep under his protection!

(If you click on the statues or the paintings, a popup comes up with facts about the animal)

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Sarepia Forest Guide


Last night was a busy night – not much time to play in Jamaa, but I finished the full guide to Sarepia Forest. Check it out HERE! And please give me any feedback to help make it better!

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Welcome to Animal Jam HQ!


Hey all you Jammers – welcome to Animal Jam HQ!

I am starting this site because I love Animal Jam! Over the coming weeks, I hope to provide a complete guide to everything Animal Jam, including lands, games, cheats and secrets, animals, dens, help, and everything else. Please give me your feedback and post comments, suggestions, fun pictures of your Animal Jam animals, and help make this place Headquarters to everything animal Jam.

Play Wild and Jam On!

By the way, my Animal Jam name is General Chillyjammer – look for me in Jamaa and say hi!

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