Gecko gecko gecko!!


Anytime I want a good laugh, I love to watch the Gecko movie in the Sarepia Forest movie theater:



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New Animal Jam Codes


Hey all – I found several new Animal Jam Codes that will earn 1000 gems each. Here they are:

croc‘ and ’spooky

For help entering these codes, check out the Animal Jam Codes page.

(Special thanks to Fauna Toughclaw’s animal jam blog for posting these codes!)

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Halloween: Day of the Phantoms!


The latest Animal Jam update is up – and guess what? It’s Halloween time in Jamaa! Animal Jam calls this time of year the Day of the Phantoms, and there are all sorts of Halloween decorations throughout Jamaa.

Check out the Jamaa Journal entry:

There are lots of updates, including a new den type – the Haunted Mansion den:

A new Anima Jam room called the Phantom Vortex along with a new game called Phantoms!:

and a new pet type – Bats!:

Good luck getting a rare bat – there are several really cool ones!

TIP: if you click on your pet bat, it will fly up and do a trick!

Also – check out the shops – there are all sorts of cool clothes and den items for Halloween.


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Exploding birthday cake!


Hey Jammers  - this is really cool!

Remember the cake den item that Animal Jam sent us to celebrate its one year old birthday? Well I was placing it in my den:

and accidentally clicked on the candle flame and POOF – the whole cake went up in flames!

Check out the video HERE.

Don’t worry – the cake quickly returns to it original yummy cake state – but it’s a really neat secret! If you have an Animal Jam one year old birthday cake in your den, or find one in somebody else’s den, you can make it blow up too.


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Dive In!


Animal Jam now has Oceans!

You can dive in to Crystal Reef or Bahari Bay from beach piers in Crystal Sands:

Splash in and start swimming:

Dive as deep as you can go and try to touch the bottom in Deep Blue:

I am currently a Seal with the name General Chillysailor. Say hi to me if you see me doing tricks in the water!



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Wow!! A SHARK! A DOLPHIN! and 3 new ocean places in Jamaa! Awesome!

I don’t have time to play this morning – but can’t wait to get back online tonight.

Crystal Reef, Bahari Bay, and Deep Blue look really neat – see you all in the ocean!

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Useful codes for free gems


I just used the code coralreef when signing in to get 1000 free gems! I think the following codes currently work:

  • coralreef
  • croc
  • spooky
  • festival
  • treasure
  • explore2012

Visit the Codes page if you want to know how to use these codes!

And as always – please let me know if you find any other codes/cheats that work. Thanks!


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Hanging at the Beach!


This week seemed really long to me..anybody else? How does everybody like getting back to school? I decided I needed to hang out at the beach this morning – so I grabbed a beach towel in Crystal Sands:

Now off to get a Smoothie inside the Juice Hut!

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Oceans are coming to Jamaa!


Have you guys seen the latest Jamaa Journal? Oceans are Coming!!!

Here is the story:

It looks like several new animals will be coming out too:

any ideas what they will be? One looks like a Dolphin – but is the other one a Whale? a Shark? or…I can’t wait!

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Happy 1st Birthday Animal Jam!


Wow – Animal Jam is 1 year old this month!

I just signed in to Animal Jam using the special code ‘ajbday’ and received a birthday cake den item to celebrate Animal Jam’s first birthday:

Happy Birthday Jamaa!

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