Jamaa Township


Jamaa Township is located in the middle of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

When you play Animal Jam for the very first time, your animal will start off in Jamaa Township next to Mira’s Statue:

From Fuzzy Shyivy’s blog, I learned that “the statue is Mira, the mother of everything in Jamaa”.

When you are a first time player, there will be a short tutorial here that will help you learn how to play Animal Jam.

After you have completed the tutorial, you will no longer start near Mira’s Statue. Instead, you will start off in Jamaa Township’s city center:

Because there are so many people that play Animal Jam, this area is often very crowded.

You can find Jamaa Central (the highlighted bulletin board) here:

Jamaa Central contains a calendar of events, news, and other useful happenings in Animal Jam. To check it out, just click on the bulletin board and the following popup will appear:

There are several fun buildings to visit in Jamaa Township. The first is the Pillow Room:

This room contains a lot of comfortable pillows on which to lounge and relax:

Often you will find other Jammers taking a break in this rom.

In the building right next to the pillow room, you can find the Medical Center:

This room contains a doctor’s office where Jammers can pretend to be a doctor and care for sick animals:

Across from these buildings, you can find Club Geoz:

This is a fun spot where music is always playing and there is a large dance floor where lots of animal like to dance:

There are two games inside the club: Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter.

TIP: the more animals that are dancing in Club Geoz, the more flashing lights turn on and the music gets better! Get all your friends out there to dance and watch Club Geoz really come to life!

Jam Mart Furniture is a great place to buy items for your den:

Inside, you can find items for sale as well as a recycle machine to sell your existing items that you no longer want:

Opposite the furniture shop, is Jam Mart Clothing:

Inside this shop, you can buy all sorts of clothing and accessories for you animal:

Just click on one of the tables to check out what items are for sale:

Finally, at the bottom of Jamaa Township, you can find River Race, a multiplayer game to play with your friends:

I hope you enjoy Jamaa Township – please post descriptions of fun pictures of your travels!

Also, remember to checkout the Animal Jam Codes page for the latest codes to earn free gems in Animal Jam!

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