Phantoms! is a quick Animal Jam minigame that seems to only be available during the Halloween time of year. To play this game, visit one of the Phantom Vortex portals located throughout the lands and go to the Phantom Vortex room. Inside, you will find the game controller:

To play Phantoms!, use your torch to keep the phantoms from touching your candy:

If you play several levels, you will be awarded a cool den item!


2 Responses to Phantoms!

  1. Jeccawuzzle says:

    Can you get multiple items from the game?I tried but it doesn’t seem like it… it would be cool if you got an item every five levels starting from level 10!

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      I don’t think you can get more than one Phantom Statue from the game unless you give your current statue away first. If you want more for your den, maybe a friend could keep gifting them to you or something?

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