Animal Jam Map


Welcome to the complete map to all the lands in Animal Jam!

Animal Jam takes place in the magic world of Jamaa and there are plenty of secrets that you can discover throughout the world. Currently, there are seven land areas and three ocean areas.

If you are looking for Animal Jam codes, secrets, and cheats check out this page.

Here is the current map of all the lands and oceans:

To travel throughout Jamaa when on land, walk your animal from one land to the next – each land connects to one or more of the other lands by pathways. If you are in the ocean, swim your animal from one ocean to the next.

TIP: You can skip walking/swimming to each place and go to it directly by clicking on the little blue icon that looks like a world globe on the bottom right side of the screen. Here is an image that shows the world globe icon:

Checkout the individual guide for each land and ocean in Jamaa, here is a list of each guide that I have made so far:

Land areas:


Canyons Pathway

Coral Canyons

Crystal Sands

Jamaa Township

Mt. Shiveer

Sarepia Forest

Temple of Zios

Ocean areas:

Bahari Bay

Crystal Reef

Deep Blue

Kani Cove


Did you know that Animal Jam didn’t always have oceans? When Animal Jam was first opened, there were no ocean areas, only land areas! Here is the original map before oceans were added:

Oceans add so much to the game – I love them!

See you in Animal Jam – Jammers!

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