Coral Canyons Arch


At the top of Coral Canyons, on the arch, if several animals hop around, the arch will begin to crack!

Just hop around in this spot (remember that it takes several animals – the more you get, the bigger the cracks):

Post some pictures of the best cracking that you’ve seen!

2 Responses to Coral Canyons Arch

  1. Mariah says:

    Why is the Coral Canyons Shop closed????

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      Hi Mariah – which shop are you talking about? It looks like there are two places in Coral Canyons that could have future shops – near the top to the left of the arch where a pile of pots are sitting – that might be a good place for a den item shop? Otherwise, there is a door just above the Art Studio with an etching of an animal; this may become some type of clan room? What do you think? Have you tapped on the bee hive above this door – I love the bees that come out of it!

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