Coral Canyons


Coral Canyons is located in the upper right side of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

Coral Canyons is sort of a mountainy desert with a lot of red rock – it reminds me of pictures of the Grand Canyon with big red arches to climb on. Here is picture up near the top – where there is a great view:

There are stairs that climb up and down the arch on each side of it. On the right side, there is giant waterfall that is splashing down the arch – here I am hiding under the waterfall:

it sure is nice and cool under this waterfall compared to the desert heat around it!

At the bottom, the waterfall turns into a river and a lake. You can wade into the river behind the waterfall!

When you’re ready to get out and dry off, there is a nice path area with cactuses and flowers to hang out at:

There is one building in Coral Canyons that is an Art Studio. Here is the entrance – right near the bottom of the stairs:

Inside, there are several arts and crafts activities to do:

On the left side, is a table with pens and paper for drawing. If you click on this table, you can do the Print and Play activity. In the middle is an easel with paints for the Coloring activity. On the right side, there is a pottery wheel. You click this to make and color Pottery.

At the very top of Coral Canyons, the Coral Canyons Arch has a secret: if several of you get together and hop around, the arch will start to crack! Be careful!

There are several games in Coral Canyons to play. At the top of the arch, just to the right, is a single player game named Sky High:

At the very bottom on the left side, in the water, is another single player game named Long Shot:

I hope you find this guide to Coral Canyons useful! As always let me know if there is anything I missed or other fun stuff to do!

Jam on!



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