Appondale is located on the upper left side of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

Appondale reminds me of the Serengeti in Africa, where there are animal safaris. The ground is bare dirt and there are occasional, old looking trees. Here is a picture in the middle of Appondale:

My favorite part about this land is at the bottom right side – a giant Mud Bath! Here I am soaking in it:

You can soak your animal in the relaxing mud and if you stay in long enough, your animal darkens and stays muddy for a couple minutes once you get out!

After a minute or so, the mud starts to dry up and disappear – pretty soon your pet will be all clean again:

There are two buildings in Appondale. The first one is on the left side and it is an Animal Musem:

Inside the museum, you can find either a painting or a statue for each type of Animal Jam animal:

If you click a specific animal, a popup will show facts about the animal. The Crocodile was just added to Animal Jam when I posted this guide – it looks like its statue is still under construction in this picture.

At the right side of the museum, there is a souvenir shop that sells large animal plushies for your den – some of the really cool epic dens have placed these all around – they look really neat in your den:

The second building in Appondale is near the top – it is a pet store called Claws ‘N Paws. It is built inside of a large tree:

Inside, you can find all of the different types of pets available in Animal Jam – butterflies, duckies, puppies, kitties, hamsters, froggies, etc.

The inside of the shop has two different floors – here is the ground floor:

And here is the top floor:

By the way, I found a fun place to hang out – if you like to climb trees like Panda’s do :) . Go around to the right side of the pet shop tree and your animal can climb high up into it:

Appondale also has two games – a multiplayer game named Fruit Slinger found just to the left side of the pet shop:

and a single player game named Pest Control located just behind the pet shop tree:

Like always, I hope you find this guide to Sarepia Forest useful! Let me know if there is anything I missed or other fun stuff to do!

Jam on!



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