Gems are the currency in Animal Jam. You can earn gems all sorts of ways – by playing games, receiving gifts from Shaman, by entering Animal Jam codes when logging in, etc.

Daily Gem Bonus

The easiest way to earn some free gems is simply playing Animal Jam every day. Each new day, when you sign on to Animal Jam, a Daily Spin popup will appear:

Simply click the blue Spin button and the wheel spins round and round until it stops on one of the gem amounts. The amount will be multiplied by the 1x or 2x or 3x value shown to calculate the amount of gems you earned – simply from logging in!!

TIP: if you play two days in a row, the multiplier will be 2x; if you play three days in a row or more, the multiplier will be 3x.

Animal Jam Guides

Animal Jam Guides can be found throughout Jamaa; they have ‘AJ’ on their nametag and they carry pocketfuls of gems!

According to the official Animal Jam blog, Wednesdays are special days in Jamaa:

“Every Wednesday, Animal Jam Guides can be found near Mira’s statue in Jamaa Township with their pockets bulging of gems. On these special days, Guides play games with Jammers and give out gem prizes all day long! To play, go to Jamaa township, head for Mira’s statue, look for a Guide with an ‘AJ’ on their nametag, and play wild!”


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