When logging in to Animal Jam, there is an area for you to enter a code just below the username and password boxes:

Codes come out every couple weeks that you can use to get free gems and perhaps other special gifts.

I’ll update the latest codes here as they become available – and please add any in the comments as you hear about them – thanks!

Here is the latest code: BIRTHDAYBASH – use this to receive a free gift!

During the month of September, use the code ajbday to receive a free den item birthday cake:

Past codes for 1000 free gems:

  • croc
  • spooky
  • coralreef
  • playwild
  • playfree
  • NewYearJam
  • foodfight
  • potion
  • discovery
  • danceparty
  • campwild
  • moviebytes
  • speedy
  • hammock
  • playsmart
  • celebrate
  • explore2012
  • treasure
  • gorilla
  • festival

15 Responses to Codes

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  3. kaitlin says:

    HI anmal jam! i really like anmal jam a lot . CanYOU PUT HEART LOCKETS on the dressing Idome please i need one a lot and ps im bloom1422 i am a member i go on anmal jam a lot so can you plaese get heart lockets on amnal jAM I NEED ONE! BYE!

  4. claire larson says:

    i need a cheat for the claw.. i want it so bad!!!
    can you help me?

  5. balto says:

    i need a worn blanket im tigertime99 and i really want one i have a lot of rare things and i will trade if i think it is a good trade.So if you are really nice then please trade me

  6. balto says:

    i also need a locket becuse i got hacked a while ago so if you are a really nice person,im not being greedy,but if you are then i wil thank you a lot

  7. plop says:

    pleas make a monthe were if your on evrey singal day you get free membirship fo 30 days pleas

  8. cydney says:

    can you please make more stuff for non members. and give us a free pet please!

  9. smarty56789 says:

    we want pets to it does not seem fair that we dont get cool stuff like them

  10. Emily says:

    Omg i love animal jam but i would like it if you could put heart lockeds in the store
    and if there was more codes and dens i love animl jam and i would live in it if i could but i can’t and my mom might ground me from it and i am miserable beacuse i love animal jam and when i am sad go on animal jam to make me fell beter beacuse some times i just need something to make me happy my family makes me happy but oi need somewere i can be alone and happy and i wish there was more pet slotes and more pets! I LOVE ANIMAL JAM

  11. Emily says:

    could you give all the jammers all the codes now please?

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