Temple of Zios


Temple of Zios is located in the bottom right of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

The Temple of Zios reminds me of an ancient Mayan or Incan site, with great stone temples built under the canopy of a thriving rain forest jungle. There are stone paths and ancient artifacts throughout this land:

At the botttom, you can find a cool spring-fed pond to splash around in:

If you follow the paths, you will find several buildings. The biggest building is the Chamber of Knowledge:

When you hover the mouse over the door, it will open and you can click to go inside:

Inside the Chamber of Knowledge there are lots of things to see and do:

I like to check out the books – each are filled with topics from National Geographic Kids magazines. To look at a book, highlight it by placing your mouse over it:

When you click on the book, a book reader will popup like this one:

You can turn the page by clicking the little blue arrow at the bottom of the page.

If you climb to the top floor in the Chamber of Knowledge, there is a star gazing room with telescopes to look out at the stars as well as a shop to buy items for you den. Just click on one of the tables to enter the shop:

One of my favorite buildings to visit in the Temple of Zios is Brady Barr’s Laboratroy:

Brady Barr is awesome! He is the host of National Geographic’s Dangerous Encounters and is always doing exciting things with dangerous animals.

Inside his lab you can play with his lab equipment and check out videos of him playing with animals:

Just move your mouse around the room and click on the things that highlight:

There is a quick minigame in Brady Barr’s Laboratory named Brady’s Chemistry Set:

If you play this game, you receive an emoticon of a beaker filled with whatever potion you created during the game! The emoticon lasts for several minutes, so walk around with it and enjoy!

There are some spooky Phantom spirits that live in an ancient burial ground outside. They only come out when you fall asleep near their grave – it takes two or three sleeping animals to get them out, so bring some friends:

Gets pretty spooky when a lot of them come out!

There are also several games throughout the Temple of Zios.

Temple of Trivia is a multiplayer game that you can play against other animals, answering trivia questions:

Inside the Chamber of Knowledge, is Mira Says, a challenging Simon Says style game:

Also inside the Temple of Knowledge is Gem Ball, which is sort of a pinball like game:

Enjoy the Temple of Zios and let me know if you find anything that I missed!

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