Sarepia Forest


Sarepia Forest is located in the upper right of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

Sarepia Forest is a giant rainforest like place that has platforms built high up into the treetops,connected by wooden bridges, stairs, and a fun slide that winds down through the trees.

Here is an image up in the trees:

The slide starts about mid way up the trees in the middle of Sarepia Forest and winds down through the trees – just click on the top of the slide to ride it down:

Wheeeee – it’s a fun way to get down to the bottom:

Below the tree canopy there is a grassy area to walk around. To the far left is a big campfire. Here is a secret about the Forest Campfire: when a couple animals gather around it and dance, the campfire really picks up and the flames dance high!

One of the more popular places to visit in Jamaa is the Movie Theater! Everybody loves to watch videos and Animal Jam has some great movies about…animals! I love the Gecko one – if you get a chance, check it out – just in case it is no longer in the movie theater, here is a link to the youtube video: Animal Jam Geckos

The theater is up in the trees near the top. Here is the entrance to the theater:

In the theater’s lobby, there are two games – The Claw and Popcorn Machine:

The popcorn maker is a fun game. You play this game by catching popcorn kernels to fill up your popcorn bucket – watch out for the burnt kernels or the unpopped ones as they will cause kernels that you’ve already caught to fly out! When you catch enough kernels, you get a popcorn emoticon that stays on your animal for several minutes.


OK – now that we have our popcorn – let’s go watch a movie! Head into the movie theater to the right side of the screen (no ticket needed!). Once inside, you can click on the green ‘movies’ button to select different movies to watch. Enjoy!

Sarepia Forest has a cool shop named the Flag Shop that you can buy flags in. This shop is midway up in the trees and has a banner with flags hanging over the entrance:

Inside the shop, you can buy flags from all sorts of different countries. I wonder if Animal Jam is played in all these countries? Just click the flags hanging up on the wall to shop for your favorite country flag:

There are several games here in the forest. At the top of the trees, you can find Wind Rider. In this game you ride a parachute from high up in the sky all the way down to the ground, picking up gems and avoiding phantoms. Just click on the game icon to play:

Down on the ground at the bottom of the slide is Super Sort – a recycling game where you sort items falling from a conveyor:

One of the newer games in Animal Jam as of this posting is Pill Bugs. This game is just below the entrance to the Movie Theater and is a fun game where you launch Pill Bugs and let them bounce around hitting different obstacles:

Finally, there are several places to buy pets – a puppy shop is down on the ground:

And a butterfly shop is up in the trees:

I hope you find this guide to Sarepia Forest useful! Let me know if there is anything I missed or other fun stuff to do!

Jam on!

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  2. Grand Palace says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  3. caitlin says:

    well my suggestion is you sould show your self playing games like i meen all the games it the sappitaria forest it would be exciting you should make a video.THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      That’s a great idea! I’m still trying to fill in the guide completely – it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be! But once I get all that done, I’ll definitely start doing more video of games and stuff. Also – if you have anything neat videos/screen shots to post, send them along and I will put them up..I’ll give you credit of course! Thanks for the message.

  4. Thx for this great information that you are sharing with us!!!

  5. Wolfpup99 says:

    I can’t get down from the sky in Sarepia Forest. What do I do to get down?

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      I climbed to the top of the tree in Sarepia Forest but am not reaching the sky. If you want, send me a screenshot to show me where you are and maybe I can help?

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  7. Magical Rose says:

    Wow. I love this blog. Its very informative and I love animal jam! Me (petluver02) and my bffs (cheerleadermega and squinkies2002) LOVE aj. Can u maybe interview me (again petluver02) and maybe give the fans a tour of my den? Well plz buddy me and I guess we’ll see. Thank u so much!=D

    • Magical Rose says:

      sorry ppl my name is actually Magical Spiritrose not Magical Rose. I feel so dumb =P

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      Hi Magical Spiritrose – I would love to add a post about you and your den! If you want, send me your favorite things about Animal Jam – what you like to do, favorite places to visit, best games to play, etc, and include some screenshots of your den or your animal around Animal Jam – and I will post! See you in Jamaa!! reach me at

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