Crystal Sands


Crystal Sands is located in the lower right side of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

Crystal Sands is a really fun beach resort, sunny and always relaxing, with giant water slides and plenty of places to splash around. Grab a beach towel and join the beach party:

After that, climb up to the top of the water slides and float on down – WEEEEEEE!

There are always a lot of animals soaking in the ocean at the bottom of the slide:

But you can also find quieter places to relax and enjoy:

When you need a break from the sun, and want some refreshments, head in to Captain Melville’s Juice Hut:

Often there are animals playing instruments, singing, and dancing inside:

I think the best part is the free Smoothie Machine – everybody loves to get their favorite flavor of Smoothie here and drink it inside or out on a beach towel:

Just click on the game, select your favorite flavor of fruit, and then catch the falling fruit in your smoothie cup – you can keep coming back for more anytime!

For those of you with pets, there is Pet Wash where you can clean up your pet – it’s located at the lower right side of Crystal Sands, under a small canopy:

There are two games in Crystal Sands. At the bottom of the water slides, just to the right side, is a fun single player game named Overflow:

If you climb up the middle of the water slides, about half way up, there is another single player game named Double Up:

I love to visit Crystal Sands after a long day because it feels like going on a short beach vacation. I hope you have fun there too. Please let me know if I you have anything to add or share about Crystal Sands!

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