Mt. Shiveer


Mt. Shiveer is located in the upper middle of Jamaa. Here it is on the world map:

Mt. shiveer is a cold wintry mountaintop area with frozen lakes and lots of snow:

There is a short ice slide located near the top that is always fun to ride:

Weeeeee!! All the way to the bottom:

After riding the slide, you can warm your animal up by soaking in the hot springs located near the bottom right side:

The hot springs are a great place to soak and relax!

Once you’re all warmed up, slide around on Mt. Shiveer’s frozen lake. If you gather some friends and start to jump around on the ice, you will reveal a secret – the ice will start to crack!

Be careful, though – it might break if too many of you are jumping on it!

At the bottom left side of Mt. Shiveer, there is a hot cocoa hut with yummy cocoa:

Inside, you will find a Hot Cocoa machine and a small clothing shop:

Just click on the rack of coats to enter the clothing shop.

To make yourself a cup of Hot Cocoa, play the Hot Cocoa¬†Machine game by clicking on the cocoa machine’s game controller:

After playing this game, your animal will have a hot cocoa emoticon for several minutes, with whatever flavor hot cocoa you made! I like a tall cup of steaming white chocolate, with cinnamon sprinkles! What do you like? Do tell with a comment!

At the top left of Mt. Shiveer, there is a multiplayer game named Gem Breaker:

This is a fun game to play once you learn how to make combinations with the gems!

When you get too cold and want a real warm up – go through the secret cave:

This takes you to Crystal Sands!

I hope you enjoy Mt. Shiveer – it’s a fun place to play. Please let me know if you have anything to add or say about Mt. Shiveer!

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