Best Dressed – a new costume game!


Just when you thought costumes and Halloween candy was all done for the year, Animal Jam released a new game this week – Best Dressed. This is a really fun multiplayer game where you get to try on all sorts of different clothes and accessories for you animal. When you are finished putting on your costume, you get to vote on who’s is your favorite and win free gems for playing! Check out Best Dressed here.

Jam on!

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3 Responses to Best Dressed – a new costume game!

  1. FastHorse421 says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! it gives u alot of gems iuf u win 1st place like 200 gems i play this to win gems so i can save up for stuff i saved up for a treehouse on this

  2. ThatOneArcticClaw says:

    Please add me to to blogs section aj. Its! THANK YOU!

    • General ChillyJammer says:

      Done! Welcome and thanks for checking my blog. I haven’t had any time lately to play – but have just started to get back to it – love the new stuff they’ve added!!

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