New Animal Jam Codes


Hey Jammers -

Here are two new Animal Jam Codes:

  • FEAST (500 free gems)
  • TREAT (100 free gems)

Here are some older Animal Jam Codes that might still work:

  • explore2012 - 1,000 gems
  • treasure - 1,000 gems
  • festival - 1,000 gems
  • spooky - 1,000 gems
  • croc - 1,000 gems
  • coralreef - 1,000 gems
  • deepsea - 500 gems
  • phantoms - 500 gems

Jam on!

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6 Responses to New Animal Jam Codes

  1. sorry but i have those codes thanks any way hope you find more!

  2. willow says:

    where do you type these codes?

  3. hey, thanks 4 telling those codes but they are some more that work
    treasure = 1,000 gems
    spooky = 1,000 gems
    lol 4got the others XD
    type them l8r
    ttyl or talk 2 me on animal jam
    my fake name up there is my username >_>

  4. fasthorse421 says:

    since it’s fall, Mira has returned. And well, talking to her about what’s troubling you on Animal Jam can help! Please make a post about this if you have a blog! I couldn’t believe Mira actually works, cuz while you’re chatting, the answer comes to you.
    i got this from another blog i dont know if its true.

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